City Elektrik “Skin In The Game” EP

The A side of our Cassette Store Day 2015 release is also available as a digital EP (SYNSEN003) on Bandcamp…it features another track not available on the cassette!  In addition, on Saturday 10/17/15 (Cassette Store Day), we will be making the cassette (SYNSEN002) available on the Bandcamp page…until we run out!  This is a limited, numbered release and most copies have gone to shops already!

SYNSEN002/003 playlist

Greetings!  We’ve made a Soundcloud playlist of all the tracks on our Cassette Store Day 2015 release (SYNSEN002), which is a split release from City Electric and Flatland.  The B side tracks are exclusive to the cassette, while the A side is also available on Bandcamp* with an extra track that’s not on the tape!

*this is SYNSEN003