Chrissy – 4 Slices EP

CHISTEEZ01_injktWe have a limited quantity of Chrissy’s “4 Slices EP” available now on our Bandcamp page.  This EP is 4 Italo/Hi-NRG edits (incl. tracks from Lime, Black Star and Webboes) that recall the glory days of WBMX on new label CHI-STEEZ.

SYNSEN Radio is back!

Around 2008 or so, I started a podcast for no real reason other than someone told me I should. It was very freeform and I announced everything and would occasionally interview some hapless victim.  Then, in Dec. of 2010, my crazy neighbor torched the apt. building, all of my stuff went into storage and I ended up moving back to Chicago. Now, 5 years and some change(s) later, I’ve decided to bring the podcast back, although this time a bit more focused (but still pretty freeform and focused mostly on promoting music that fits the vision of the label, as well as any thing I feel deserves attention) and with no banter from yours truly.  I did the first new episode last month and, for the time being, I will do an episode every other month…so the next one is coming in June.  Tracklists for each episode will be posted here.

Boyd Rice/Daniel Miller – Cleanliness And Order
Palais Schamburg – Morgen wird der Wald gefegt
Hedford Vachal – Toys (Richard Sen rmx)
Skinny Puppy – Monster Radio Man
Benge – Raludom Morf
Holger Hiller – Gut Und Bose
Nicole – No Government (Plaid rmx)
Pan Sonic – Telakoe
Pyrolator – November Muehlheim
Fad Gadget – 4M
FSOL – Brujo
Hafler Trio – The Fast Hover-Fly
Interferon – Arc (Paul Birken rmx)
Creatures – Sky Train
Tones On Tail – Lions